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Mixed bantam 2 day old chicks - $2.00 EACH

Our chickens are ensured to be strong and healthy.


  • Chicks - $3 - $10 each. depending on the breed
  • Pullets - $8.00 each
  • Roosters - $4.00 each
  • Fresh eggs - $2.00 dozen

About Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is a breed of chicken originated in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They're the do-everything bird: they lay exceptionally well, they're valued for their meat and they're extremely hardy. Rhode Island Reds are held in such high esteem that they're the official Rhode Island state bird.

About New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Reds are derived directly from Rhode Island Reds, and over the years they've changed so much from selective breeding that they've come to be recognized as a new breed. The New Hampshire Red differs from the Rhode Island in that it produces more meat (and therefore fewer eggs), it's faster to grow and feather out, it matures early and it's even more vigorous.

About Australorp

The Australorp is an Australian chicken breed. It is a large, soft-feathered bird with glossy black feathers and a lustrous green sheen. It is hardy, docile, and a good egg-layer as well as meat bird. They are also known to be good nest sitters and mothers, making them one of the most exceptional large, heritage utility breeds of chicken.

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The Swisher Brothers Farm is located in central Indiana, only 20 minutes from Indianapolis. Some of the neighboring towns include: Danville IN, Avon IN, Brownsburg IN, Greencastle IN & Plainfield IN.

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